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Knowing the God above god

Eye of the Needle | An Ayahuasca Journey (Amazon Rainforest Iquitos & Tamshiyacu, Peru)

Graham Hancock - Gaining insight to another level of reality through ayahuasca and DMT

Magical Egypt Episode 2 - The Old Kingdom and the Still Older Kingdom

THROUGH THE WORMHOLE: Will We Survive First Contact | S03E01

Alien Abduction phenomenon - John Mack pt 2

These are not beings from distant planets…they know us, they’re familiar with us, they know our desires and our weaknesses. They’ve been watching us. A lot of these abductees remember these encounters from childhood onward, as if they’ve been monitored. These entities are familiar with our planet, our society, our way of life, they’re even familiar with our minds and thought patterns. They’re also rather proprietary, as if they feel they have a right to experiment on us…it’s as if they’re the rulers of our world.

Psychic Attack, Spiritual Protection from Low Energy


The Fall of the Rebellious Angels ( deatil), , Frans Floris. Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter (1516-1570)


The Fall of the Rebellious Angels ( deatil), , Frans Floris. Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter (1516-1570)

Alien Abduction phenomenon - john Mack pt1


There are many ways to perceive angels, but more 
than likely they were ancient aliens who visited the 
planet and were part of the creation of this reality.

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A Gnostic View of Mind Parasites

Ayahuasca - a journey towards enlightenment

You are so brace to continue you're spiritual journey after what happened to you. I have a few suggestions about the angel thing you were discussing in you're video, they could have been you're guardian angel because we know are guardian angels but then again in a physical sense we don't know them we lose contact when we become physical like you know earthly. That's why people do things to reconnect with their angels. Another thought is it our have been an angel we as humans are unaware of.

I actually have an update vid planned about angels, because there’s been an unusual development to my experience that even I wasn’t aware of. Although I DO have a feeling they are my guardian angels.

Spirit Science 22 ~ EnLIGHTenment

You’re the One, Bastian.;)