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Knowing the God above god

Graham Hancock - Gaining insight to another level of reality through ayahuasca and DMT

Ayahuasca - a journey towards enlightenment

Ayahuasca - My Heart of Darkness | London Real

Amazing ayahuasca testimony! Just seeing how much Nic has changed since his trip to the Amazon is proof enough that Mother Aya is a healer and teacher and a guide of the Soul. 

Graham Hancock and the Sacred Vine | London Real

Graham Hancock interviewed for New Dawn magazine | Revisiting 2012

Vine of the Soul: Encounters with Ayahuasca

Update 06282012 Rant on the GOD’s Inc vs the Devil Group, and magic PLANTS

Alex Grey The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Testimonial of Ayahuasca Retreat at Temple - Amélie Nothomb

Shamans Of The Amazon 2012 Dmt, Ayahuasca, Mckenna

Ayahuasca: The Man Who Drank The Universe

I wish this was better quality.:(

Talking about My first DMT Trip

DMT similiar trips: Alternate dimension?

The Tree Of Knowledge (Terence McKenna)

Stepping Into The Fire - Full Documentary