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Knowing the God above god
Seven Basic Principles of Spiritual Dynamics:

Excerpt from “Path of Kabbalah” by David Sheinkin, M.D.

1. Two things that are similar are the same.

There is no space, no division, in the spiritual realm. Space is in the physical plane, where two similar things are ultimately different. But on the spiritual plane, similar things are the same. Example: Similar Angels are the same. Thus, on one level-the spiritual one-all people are the same. On the physical plane, physical barriers are required to separate similar things from one another. Example: All water in the ocean is one; however a glass is needed to separate some of the water. 

2. Things that are different cannot meet, join, or link.

3. Spiritual distance is measured by similarity and difference. Example distance from God is measured by how similar one is to God’s prescribed life for man.

4. Nothing can be destroyed on the spiritual plane.

Once something exists on the spiritual plane, it will always exist by God’s will. That divine will is perfect, continuous, eternal. God’s memory is perfect. Therefore, once thought of by God, an object is not forgotten. All things in the universe exist in God’s mind. Consequently all things are eternal.

5. Spiritual matters are dependent on physical aspects to allow them to be distinguished, to exist as separate entities. Therefore spiritual forces are dependent on the physical universe. Which came first? They are interdependent. The Sefirot (The ten energy essences that are said to be in constant interplay and underlie all of the universe) are intermediaries. The planes are physical, spiritual, and-the highest -beyond. 

6. The Ain Sof is not bound by rules of logic; it is as different from the spiritual as it is from the physical. God is beyond all classification and planes.

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